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Yaponskiye issledovaniya ISSN 2500-2872 Japanese Studies in Russia

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ISSN 2500-2872

This edition is an interdisciplinary journal covering various fields of Japanese studies: politics, economics, society, history, culture, philology, etc. Articles in Russian and English are published. All academic articles are peer-reviewed and assigned to DOI.

The journal focuses on the economic, political and social processes taking place in modern Japan, the problems of Japanese history, literature, linguistics, culture and religion. The journal publishes reports of various academic events in the field of Japanese studies, including conferences, seminars and round tables, as well as book reviews of monographs, textbooks and other academic editions about Japan, published in Russia and abroad.

The magazine is the tribune and the communication channel of the entire Russian academic community in the field of Japanese studies. Its purpose is to actively disseminate the academic publications about Japan written by the authors working in Russia and abroad, relying on the best Russian and world-wide academic traditions in the field of Japanese studies.

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07.00.00 History and Archaeology
08.00.00 Economics
23.00.00 Political Science