Japanese studies in Russia 2017/2

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Japanese studies in Russia 2017, 2


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Polkhov S.A. The Problem of Authorship and Genesis of Koyogunkan in Japanese Historiography
DOI: 10.24411/2500-2872-2017-00008
Sorokin S.A. The extent of external migration on the island of the Japanese archipelago: Yayoi period – the beginning of the VIII century
DOI: 10.24411/2500-2872-2017-00009
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Datsyshen V.G. Completion of the “Siberian Expedition” in Transbaikalia. New documents on the History of Japanese Intervention in Siberia
DOI: 10.24411/2500-2872-2017-00010
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Paksiutov G.D. Japanese Cinema Industry in Figures
DOI: 10.24411/2500-2872-2017-00011
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Trubnikova N.N. Jikkinshō: to the Concept of megumi [kindness]
DOI: 10.24411/2500-2872-2017-00012
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Streltsov D.V. Is There Any Threat to the LDP Rule?
DOI: 10.24411/2500-2872-2017-00013
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Academic Events

Nechaeva L.T. Conference of Young teachers of Japanese language (March 23-24 2017)
DOI: 10.24411/2500-2872-2017-00014
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Book Review

Meshcheryakov A.N. About the book “Draw a camp. The language of injury in the recollections about the USSR of Japanese prisoners of war”
DOI: 10.24411/2500-2872-2017-00015
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Publication Date: 27.06.2017